Imperfect friend part I

Friends don’t like friends who notice things,


That comfortable perch you have,

In a safe tree,

Paying your bills

No practice, just preach,

About everything you’re going to do,

How school or life failed you,

You’d be farther of not for x, y, or z.
But How does that explain me?
Some say I’m intelligent, with privilege to spare.

But when my shoes had holes, 

You weren’t there,

Choosing between a bus or food,

Saving everything I could,

With an optimistic attitude,

I would’ve been top of my class,

If I was ever in school,

But I didn’t even have the paper to prove what I could do.
Still, I made it work,

Never gave up, and I’m here,

Nothing’s perfect, I’m not without fear,

At least I’m moving forward,

That’s all I know how to do.
Unlike you.
And you could see what I do,

That I see through you,

Perhaps you think judgement was there,

But I just believed you could do better if you trusted yourself,

Does that make me unfair?